A place where I will share my experiences, with my Bashan 125R. I could not find anything like it on the net, nor could I find many reviews. So I decided to do my own thing here. Well, I hope you like it, and you find the information you need.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bashan 125R for Sale (2011 Year Model)

Hi there, my Bashan 125R is now up for sale. It's a 2011 year model (purchased in late 2010)
It has full service history and has recently been serviced.
It is in great condition and has around 5500km's on the clock and I am asking for around R 8000 for it. Call me and make an offer. 079 353 5117
Please contact me if interested: jaime2psp@gmail.com

Pictures below.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Got my Bike back from Service with 'Centurion Scooters & Service Centre'

Great News!

I got my bike back from the service center we sent it too yesterday for its 2000km service, and I'm glad to report that it really was a job well done! It took only a day to do the 2000km 'Major' Service ( Which would've probably taken PitStop 2 weeks ); For the guy to bleed the front brakes and replace it with better DOT4 brake fluid ( He reported that what he bled from there was dirty bad brake fluid ) ; and he fixed the gasket.

The mechanic (who's a really great guy named Jacques) mentioned how he thought that the first service people did not even change the oil ( wtf? )

So yes, Great thumbs up to that dealer/service center - Centurion Scooters & Service Centre ( 012 653 5045 )
Bravo :)

We now have twitter! and bike gone in for 2000km service

Yes you heard right! We now have twitter :)
Follow us @bashan125exp

Yes, my bike has just gone in for a service yesterday at a different dealer :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Can the Bashan 125R / 250R wheelie?

For the first, and last time.


It can, I'm just clarifying this because so many people are asking about it. If you want proof: I'll be asking a friend to record me soon. I've popped the front wheel up on more than a few occasions; It's actually surprisingly easier to wheelie than I thought because the Bashan produces a lot more of its power at the lower spectrum of the High RPM range (~7500rpm) which means that even with very little rpm given and the clutch drops it will rear up without hassle.

Just remember that motorcycles are not designed to wheelie, especially 125's. So don't expect this to be good for your clutch or fork seals.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

6 Months Down The Line.. Chinese 125 a good decision?

So, as the title reads:
"6 Months Down The Line.. Chinese 125 a good decision?"
So. After about 6 months with the bike, and racking up about 2000km so far, I think i'm in a secure position to give my initial verdict to this bike, as I too was skeptical before buying it I almost feel compelled to write for those that are in the position I was 6-7 months ago when deciding to get it.

So. Yes or No?

Well, The answer is: Yes and No.

The Bike is awesome. Looks great, rides well and it's definitely not as bad as everybody says. The bike is still going strong.

The problem, however lies with the Dealers. The dealer I bought from gave me us a lot of hassles, even so much as accusing us for everything that would happen to the bike because of them. Even though we were told that the dealer we bought from was one of the best and friendliest there was, it didn't stop them from being as cocky and arrogant as they were. But that's okay now, as we do not deal with them anymore, we deal with Jonway themselves who are a pleasure to deal with I might add; They are always friendly, willing to help, and responsive both on Facebook and in real life.

Getting back to the actual bike now; It's great, it really is. After hearing stories of friends having issues with Honda's and some Aprilia's. It really made me feel better that my bike was actually really good. Sure though, The costs in production are halved, which means that everything is made to a slightly lower spec and is cheaper. What makes this bike good, is that it's basically a CBR150. Everything apart from the engine is identical, which is great. Any parts you don't like - be it for aesthetics or quality - you can have replaced very easily with easily accessible CBR150 or CBR125 parts. Now, the truth about these chinese bikes, is that quality checking standards are fairly poor, your bike is either defective or not. You see, out of every few bikes there is one defective one. For instance; mine had a shit transmission. (Which was quickly fixed by Jonway.) and generally, everything that goes wrong with it will go wrong within the first 1000 km's. After that, problems stop and the bike is completely worn in. Engine will be running good (depending on how you treat it during the engine break-in stage) and all everything else is good.

That's about all I have time for now, I was hoping to write a more thorough article regarding this. But this will have to do.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and checking it out. Please have a look around.

Until next time,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hey guys

Sorry I haven't had much time to update this blog.

I'll try make up by writing an article within the next few days.

And so, I'll now update you guys on the bike.

Chain guard is fixed, me and my dad took bolts and fixed it up. ( This was a few months ago now >_> )

So yeah, bike is running beautifully now! :D

Oh yes, and I have a video for you :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

License Disk & Chain guard go flying..

So this morning I noticed my license disk wasn't there, and thus the chain guard was connected by the remaining bolt. I decided not to ride it to school, because of that.

Then this afternoon I inspected what had happened, the license disk which wasn't properly tightened in the first place had flung off along with the bolt, I took the bike out and searched for where the disk might have landed. No Luck.

I did however, have the luck of having my chainguard disconnect and drag on the floor while turning. Yay. I stopped quick as possible and inspected the damage, I shifted it a bit and BLOOP - The whole thing came off. Yay, lucky me.

So I put it back on, which is when I noticed how shot the threading was on the front chainguard bolt thread. I proceeded in carefully fastening the chainguard with the bolt, trying hard to make it thread straight.

When I found that when I'd threaded it in all the way, it wouldn't tighten. Which left it rather vulnerable, I taped it up and took off again in search of the disk.

Which then again, to my absolute annoyance the chainguard happened to dismount again while I was riding, I didn't notice until I got home.

I then set off AGAIN to find the chainguard. LUCKILY I found it, and stuffed it into my back-pack and rode home immediately.

Where I now sit, I'm not even gonna touch my bike until this is fixed.

Three hoorays for monkey mechanics who can't fasten bolts along a thread straight! >:(